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rReplikator Version 6.01

64-bit ready
Windows7® ready




Mirroring protects against hardware failure.
Not more, not less.

All your data go to a disk.
All file operations are mirrored by hardware or
mirroring software to a 2nd drive.
If the first drive fails, there still is the 2nd drive with all your data.

But this does not protect at all against human err or software failure
resulting in damaged or deleted data.
All file operations leading to corrupted or deleted data will  be  mirrored
 very reliable to the 2nd disk.
The data there will be damaged or deleted on the 2nd drive as well.

The percentage of data lost due to hardware failure is fairly low compared to data  lost due to simple mistakes or failing software.

rReplikator protects against loss of data.

Real-time replication to a 2nd disk plus writing versions of all files protects against

bullethardware failure
bullethuman err
bullet software failure.

In case of lost data there is always the option to fall back to an older version.

rReplikator is a reliable software solution for real-time replication to a 2nd disk drive, external Storage like USB-drives or networked storage on other servers or file servers.

Give it a try and download the fully functioning 30-day test version.
It’s your data.

The manual
how to do it


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