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rReplikator Version 6.02

64-bit ready
Windows7® ready




Your data...
At some point, it’s happened to just about everyone who works with electronic information.
An important file gets lost. Important changes to a document get saved over.
With one click of a button, an entire day or week’s worth of work vanishes into the ether.

rReplikator ...
backs up data  when they change.
 ... keeps versions of changed files.
...  recovers lost files from stored versions

Did you save your data today?

Data backup is storing all data on another drive.
Having lots of data is spending a lot of time for data backup.

For most of us a good reason for not backing up data too often.
In case of trouble the latest backup might not have the
 data you are looking for. Or an old version that is useless.

The ideal back up tool will back up data when they change.
Without any additional user action.

rReplikator provides continuous data protection

New or changed data get replicated to another drive in an instant.
Replication target may be a 2nd drive, an external drive,
a USB-stick or even a server in your network.

Disk-to-disk backup
This mechanism is automated, no user action needed.
Seeing  a drive LED flicker says "replicated".

rReplikator ...
... creates a new version for changed files.
If problems arise you can fall back to an earlier version.

... supports built in drives as well as networked drives
supports USB-drives, USB-sticks and all kinds of external drives

... can copy your data periodically to FTP-sites



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