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rReplikator Version 6.01

64-bit ready
Windows7® ready




Disk-to-disk backup is fast and reliable.
 rReplikator does true data backup.

 USB-drives, USB-sticks or other external drives are great for backing up data.

 But ....
   .... do you back up your data as often as necessary?

 You should copy your data every time, the data change. 
 Let rReplikator do that for you.
 In addition, let rReplikator save versions of your files. 
 Fall back to an older version in case of trouble.

 rReplikator and external drive - best protection against loss of data.

 Give it a try and download the fully functioning 30-day test version.
 It’s your data.

 The manual will answer your questions.


The manual
how to do it


more info


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