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rReplikator Version 6.01

64-bit ready
Windows7« ready




Digi photos are data
rReplikator will protect your photos.

There is the irony about digital photos: They actually can last without degrading forever (even improve by better imaging software) and yet they are very volatile, many bits on some storage device.  You have to protect your images against data loss. This means you need to backup your data and it is not bad to get a bit neurotic about saving your valuable images.

There are many chances to lose your digital photos.
Not only by a disk crash or other hardware failure.

Most data losses are caused  by human err like

bulletOverwriting an existing picture with a new one using the same name, because the camera auto numbers photos.
bulletUsing all magic filters of your photo software and saving the picture. You might not like the result, but the original one is gone.
bulletDeleting a folder containing more pictures than you thought.

Photos that are gone are gone.
There is no chance to re-enact the event you documented with your camera.

rReplikator can protect your photos by replication to a 2nd drive and by keeping versions of your photos.
Replication is done at once, in an instant. Without any user action necessary.
The use of an external drive, e.g. an USB disk, is recommended.

Give it a try and download the fully functioning 30-day test version.


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