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rReplikator Version 6.02

64-bit ready
Windows7« ready



Change Log



1531  - it took a while to find out why Win7 sometimes claims rReplikator stopped working.
 - improved INI-File saver
 - CopyJobs read directories much faster
 - you will have to re-enter your license
1498  - migrated to DotNET 4.0 and VS2010, enhanced performance, many improvements inside
1485  - you will need a new license key for unlocking
1484  - fixes a problem replicating files having a semicolon in their name
1481  - eMail option for failed copy jobs
 - more optione for predefined files in unattended installations
1448  - fixing a problem with the installation file
1444 - fixing problems with copy jobs with target on a NAS
1431  - aArchivator now checks for 'target available'
 - fixing a bug in copy jobs with fullpath too long
1420 - Runs on 64-bit systems
 - fixes problems with rReplikators with NAS-drives as targets
 - is compiled with VisualStudio 2008 for DotNET 3.5
1384Version 5.1
 - animated notify icon indicating ongoing copy
 - black and white list of copy jobs may apply to the file name or the full pathautomatic
 - profile activation when network changes
 - activate rReplikator only if a certain bandwidth is achieved
 - predefining profiles for unattended installation


 Version 4, published Nov. 12 2005


 Version 3, published Jul. 29 2005

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